Hundreds of Chinese party at Water Park in COVID-19 epicentre Wuhan without face masks

Hundreds of Chinese attended a big electronic music party at a water park in Wuhan few days ago without wearing face masks. It is to be noted that Wuhan is the city where the coronavirus first emerged in 2019.

According to reports, the Maya Beach Water Park at Wuhan was completely filled with people frolicking in swimsuits and goggles but none of those present at the water park were wearing face masks or following social-distancing measures.

Pictures and videos of the party have gone viral on social media with people expressing shock over the carelessness shown by people while attending the party at the water park in Wuhan.

It may be recalled that the water park reopened in June after Wuhan opened up following a 76-day lockdown imposed by Chinese government to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

The first known cases of COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan in 2019 before the virus spread to Europe and other parts of the world.

By NewsByts Team

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