Black Fungus: 11 Pharma Companies To Produce Amphotericin-B Dru

India’s drug regulator has authorized five new companies to manufacture the life-saving injection used to treat Mucormycosis in an attempt to accelerate the production of the antifungal Amphotericin B.

According to the ministry, a growing number of patients suffering from COVID complications in the form of Mucormycosis, also known as black fungus, have been identified in recent days in several states and union territories.

These companies have been granted licenses to produce Amphotericin-B, a medication used to treat black fungus, and that they will begin manufacturing 1,11,000 vials of the drug per month in July.

What is Black Fungus?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mucormycosis, also known as “black fungus,” is caused by a mold contained in soil and decaying organic matter such as rotting leaves (CDC). People contract mucormycosis, which comes in a variety of forms, by inhaling fungal spores. Air humidifiers or oxygen tanks containing dirty water will spread them in hospitals and homes.

The ministry said that efforts are being made to augment domestic availability of the antifungal drug through import and that 3,63,000 vials of Amphotericin-B will be imported in May, bringing the total available in the country to 5,26,752 vials.

Amphotericin-B is currently manufactured by five companies in the region, with one importer.

  • Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd
  • BDR Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Sun Pharma Ltd
  • Cipla Ltd
  • Life Care Innovations
  • Mylan Labs (importer).

These are the five most recent companies to be awarded licenses to manufacture Amphotericin-B.

  • NATCO Pharmaceuticals
  • Alembic Pharmaceuticals
  • Gufic Biosciences
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Lyka

In June 2021, another 3,15,000 vials will be imported. In June 2021, the countrywide availability of Amphotericin-B will be increased to 5,70,114 vials, in addition to the domestic supply

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