Neo Lacta introduce human milk for pre mature babies.

New Delhi: 19 August 2021

With the largest number of premature babies – approx. 3.5 million per year, born in India, the need of the hour is to promote human milk-based nutrition both, in the form of breastfeeding or using pasteurised donor milk.

Lactation Consultant, Dr. Geetika Gangwani informs, “Usually, health complications or premature deliveries are the primary reasons why some mothers may be unable to breastfeed their baby or may have problems initiating and continuing breastfeeding.”

Dr. Vikram Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer of NeoLacta Lifesciences explains “Numerous clinical trials have proven the value of donor milk and human milk-derived products in saving lives of premature babies, low birth weight babies, and as a support for low/non-lactating mothers. WHO endorses this need through its recommendation for using pasteurised donor milk as an alternate, in the absence of the breastfeeding.

Dr. Vikram informs that Neolacta Lifesciences offer two variants of standardized donor human milk – the first in frozen liquid and the other comes in powder sachets. Both products ensure minimum calorific density of 70 Kcal / 100 ml. The third range of products includes Mother’s milk fortifier, which acts as a supplement to breast milk helping meet protein and energy deficits in newborns.   

Dr. Vikram stressed on the fact that society need to work towards mindsets that are not open to the idea of donating or receiving human milk. However, the team at Neolacta Lifesciences has been working holistically over the past 5 years to overcome this perception. We have always maintained transparency and kept key stakeholders from the medical fraternity, lactation professionals and parent community involved in every step of the way. Our scientific team constantly engages with clinicians across India for research studies that help improve health outcomes and encourage evidence-based practices towards neonatal care in India.”  

 Currently, the 100% human milk-based nutritional solutions from NeoLacta Lifesciences are available at over 200 super-specialty hospitals throughout the country and will soon be available in e-pharmacies as well. While the donor human milk solutions can be used on a standalone basis, the fortifiers are to be used in combination with human milk. This ensures the baby remains on an exclusive human milk diet without the need to introduce bovine milk-based products in its diet. 

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