Patanjali launches ‘coronil tablet’ to treat coronavirus COVID-19, Ramdev claims 100% results

As countries across the world struggle to develop cure of the deadly coronavirus infection, Patanjali on Tuesday claimed that it has found the cure of the disease. Yoga guru Ramdev-run Patanjali Ayurved launched ‘corolin tablet’ which is said to have constituents to cure coronavirus.

Patanjali said that with the joint efforts of Professor Balbir Singh Tomar and Acharya Balkrishna corolin tablet has been prepared. Acharya Balkrishna said the company would share the results of clinical trial soon, and that the patients treated by the said medicine have had tested negative.

The ayurvedic company said that the trail of the medicine was conducted on 280 patients and all were recovered.

The company also claimed that clinical controlled trial was also done by Patanjali Research Center Parai and NIMS in wich 95 patients went through the trial out of which 79 percent patients recovered within 3 days and 100 percent recovered within 7 days.

Talking about the medicine Yoga guru Ramdev said that ‘coronil’, made out of Ayurvedic elements such as Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Tulsi, could cure coronavirus positive patients within a few days with daily morning and evening dosages.

By NewsByts Team

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