Tirupati MLA, municipal chief set an example, perform funeral rites of COVID-19 victim

In an effort to bring awareness on the misconceptions regarding the bodies of COVID-19 victims, Tirupati MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, and Municpal Corporation chief P S Girisha took part in performing the funeral of a COVID-19 victim on Sunday (August 16, 2020).

Karunakar Reddy along with the civic body chief lend hands in mounting the body on the trolley to take it to the platform of the gas burner for cremation at Govinda Dhamma, a gas-based crematorium in the Tirupati city.

The YSRCP MLA said, “The final rituals of human are our customs in this country, but today they are being buried as orphans. Without these sanitation workers people would not even look at the funeral, public is fearing the spread of the coronavirus and oppose cremation or burial of bodies, people should leave the myth about the virus and honor our crematorium staff for their service.”

He added, “As a public representative, it is my responsibility to motivate the people. I took part in to do the funeral today. Why should I fear when they do not?”

Tirupati Municipal Corporation Commissioner PS Girisha said, “The cases are decreasing in Temple City after the strict action has been taken to implement COVID-19 measures now, it is up to the public to follow the rules.” 

On the question of high fees charged by private hospitals’ for COVID-19 treatment Girisha said, “We identified some private hospitals are charging high rates for COVID-19 treatment, they have been issued notices and warned about serious action taken against them in future,” he added.

The officials are ensuring that COVID-19 victims have a dignified funeral even when their family members are scared to come near the bodies.

By NewsByts Team

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