ABLTMA refutes allegation of FAITTA on Assam tea

DIBRUGARH, AUG 21: The All Assam Bought Leaf Tea Manufacture’s Association (ABLTMA) on Monday refuted the allegation made by the Federation of All India Tea Traders’ Association (FAITTA) regarding Assam tea.

Addressing a press conference at Gymkhana Club, Chad Gohain, president of ABLTMA said, “We are a manufacturing unit. We dont involved in such of practice. Colouring on tea is not done in our manufacturing unit. We collect green tea leaves from small tea growers and after manufacturing it, we send for packaging. The whole process was done to defame Assam tea,”.

He said, “During packing it may be done but we don’t know. The traders may colour tea through their process but we are not involved in such kind of practise,”.

In a recent meeting held at Jorhat on August 18, 2023, organised by the Federation of All India Tea Traders’ Association (FAITTA), where they expressed grave concern about practice of adding artificial colour to tea and has urged for the prosecution of traders engaged in this unethical act.

“ABLTMA wishes to emphasize its profound concern on this matter, categorically stating that no reputable tea manufacturers associated with our organization engage in such practices.
The reputation of the tea industry relies on maintaining the highest standards of authenticity and quality. We are committed to upholding these standards and ensuring that consumers receive tea products that meet all regulatory requirements. We firmly believe that the use of artificial color in tea is not only unethical but also misleading to consumers,” Gohain said.

Gohain further added, “We earnestly request the appropriate authorities to initiate a thorough investigation into these allegations. We urge that strict actions be taken against any individual or entity found guilty of adding artificial color to tea products. Such practices not only undermine consumer trust but also tarnish the integrity of the entire tea industry,”.

“We expresses deep concern about the current state of the tea market. The combination of subdued export enquiries and a sluggish domestic market has led to significant financial challenges for numerous tea factories. This has, in turn, raised concerns about the sustainability of the industry and the livelihoods of those dependent on it,” the president of ABLTMA said.

He said, “ABLTMA believes that collaboration between industry stakeholders, government bodies, and regulatory authorities is crucial to overcoming these challenges. By working together, we can explore avenues to revitalize the market, strengthen demand, and ensure the long-term viability of the tea industry,”.

“Furthermore, ABLTMA acknowledges the concerning proliferation of misleading information originating from prominent buyers concerning the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) failures within the industry. We wish to clarify that this issue extends beyond just bought leaf factories and affects the organized sector as well,” he said.

Gautam Beria, ABLTMA, secretary said, “We wish to clarify that in a factory their is no way of testing of green leaf for potential pesticide residues.In light of this, we earnestly urge the government, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the Tea Board, and all stakeholders to unite in addressing this pressing concern. We call for a collaborative effort to develop an effective and practical testing mechanism that ensures the accuracy of MRL assessments without imposing undue burdens on any segment of the industry.”

“We take this opportunity to implore small tea growers to exercise responsible and judicious pesticide usage practices. ABLTMA strongly advocates against the use of banned pesticides in tea plantations. We believe that safeguarding the environment and consumer health is a shared responsibility, and we urge all stakeholders to prioritize sustainable and safe farming practices. By doing so, we can collectively contribute to the long-term success and integrity of the tea industry,” Beria added.

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