Arunachal Pradesh: Huge quantity of timber seized by Army, 8 trucks seized at Namsang-Hukanjuri road

Guwahati: In a surprised operation, several trucks of illegal logs and a crane was seized at Namsang-Hukanjuri stretch in Arunachal Pradesh  by 18th Garhwal Rifles, Deomali camp with the help of Deomali administration.

A total of eight trucks carrying 62 logs were seized on Saturday night during the operation.

Most of the logs seized are Hollong tress. The seized items were handed over  to DFO Deomali.

Sources said logging activities have become a menace in the area which was supported by underground activities.

“The trucks were heading towards Rangla near Deomali, in timber factories. Most of the trees which were slashed by the timber smugglers are from Huguri are under Joypur range of Dibrugarh Forest Division. Some environmentalist of the region seen  the trucks which were hided in the jungles of Huguri some 10-12 days ago and aware the forest department about the matter but they didn’t take any step after knowing the whole episode,” said a source.

“Everyday huge numbers of trucks carrying illegal timber passes through the road but after knowing everything the Forest Department become a mute spectator. Now, the work of Forest Department has been doing by the Army. Some corrupt officials of Forest Department of both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have an understanding with the timber smuggler and in every month they receive huge money from them,” alleged a source.

He added, “The Forest of Arunachal Pradesh has been shrinking day by day due to massive deforestation carrying out by the  timber smuggler using modern machines to cut the trees. They usually slash Hoolong trees,”

It has once again exposed the role of Forest Department in tackling forest crimes.

“The timber smuggler target the Hoolong trees, which are the state tree of Assam. Most of the timber factories were set up in Deomali area and with the help of truck the logs were taken to the factories for cutting. One again the it has exposed the nexus between Forest department and timber smuggler,” alleged Debojit Moran, environmentalist of the region.

He said, “We like to thank Army for seizing the truck. They are doing the work of forest department. Everyday forest of Assam are shrinking due to deforestation. Its a high time to take necessary action against the timber smuggler who are openly cutting trees showing thumb fingers to administration.”

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