Arunachal Pradesh: Indian Army to 120 ft long bridge for villagers of Chaglohagam

Itanagar: The Indian Army is helping out local Mishmis Population at the Border Village of Chaglohagam in Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Army in a series of initiatives to address grievances of local Mishmi population of Chaglohagam yet again extended a helping hand by liaisoning with BRO to construct 120 ft long bridge over the “Tha Nala” near Mithumna.

The dreadful Nala always used to overflow during rainy season resulting into the closure of road for traffic. It had also claimed several precious lives of local Mishmis in the past and many Vehicles have been swept away due to the overwhelming flow of water in the Nala during rainy season.

It was a long pending demand of locals for which Indian Army alongwith BRO took initiatives which resulted into the construction of much needed bridge over the “Tha Nala”.

The Local Mishmi population rejoiced at the opening ceremony of the Bridge by the Indian Army at Km 33 along Rd Hayuliang – Chaglohagam. Now, local population can easily cross Tha Nala even during rainy season without risking their lives. This will result into opening of rd for traffic in all kinds of weather through out the year.

Indian Army officials and civil dignitaries addressed local people and assured them that Indian Army is working in close coord with civil administrative and other agencies for the well being of local Mishmi population and would be taking all necessary initiatives to obviate the problems of local populace of Chaglohagam Circle.

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