Assam: ATM frauds duped 40,000 from elderly man

Guwahati: An elderly person from Assam’s Jorhat district was duped Rs 40,000 by ATM fraudster.

Sources said that the incident took place at an ATM belonging to the State Bank of India (SBI) located in the Teok town of Jorhat.

The victim was identified as Dharmeswar Sharma. He was a retired Assam government official.

The fraudsters allegedly came just as the man tried to withdraw money and then swapped his card with a fake one. 

They told the man that they wanted to help him and then stole around Rs 40,000 from his account.

Sources said at first, he did not notice that the persons trying to help him were frauds but on checking his phone and the debit message, he was confirmed that he had become a victim of a fraud.

The elderly person immediately reached the police station and filed a complaint.

Meanwhile, the police have recovered the CCTV footage of the incident and have initiated an investigation.

“There has been a gang of ATM frauds who are active in some districts of Assam and duping money from elderly,” said a source.

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