Assam: Bride cancels wedding after groom got too drunk

Guwahati: A bride in Assam’s Nalbari district has cancelled the wedding after the groom was found in a intoxicated manner and couldn’t even complete the rituals.

The video, which has gone viral where the groom was seen sleeping on the floor as the rituals were ongoing. The groom couldn’t even recite the rituals the Pandit told him to recite. The groom is identified as Prasenjit Haloi, who is a resident of Nalbari town.

Meanwhile, the family of the girl has lodged a complaint in the Nalbari police station demanding compensation for the wedding.

“Wedding was going well. We did all the rituals. The groom couldn’t even get down from the car. The father was even more drunk. Our family tried its best to complete the wedding. When the situation escalated, the girl decided to not sit on the wedding. We tried to request the groom side but 95% were drunk and their women were provoking. We contacted the Goan Burha and alerted the police,” said one of the relative of the girl.

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