Assam: Dibrugarh boy creats world record by earning 26 certificates in 24-hours

Guwahati:  33-year-old Dibrugarh boy Sanjoy Das recently created a world record by earning 26 certificates in a span of 24 hours. With his strong determination and sincerity, the boy created a world record.

Sanjay created the world record for Maximum Online Management Certificates in 24 hours and registered his name in the International Book of Records.

Sanjoy Das attempted the record on March 29, 2023.

Speaking to Our India, Sanjay said, “From my childhood, I want to do something, which  could recognized me. I have been researching this record for a very long time. After doing a survey I got to know there is a record of achieving 33 certificates in 10 days at the state-level record. But only the International Book of Record had it. Then I started planning to create the record both at national and international levels. On March 29, I started my work at 3.30 AM and completed it by 11 Pm. The main thing was to get a course and get 80 per cent in every course and then we could get an instant certificate. And by 11, I got a total of 26 certificates. Then I applied for the records the next day,”.

The International Book of Records in a Twitter post said,  “The World Record of “MAXIMUM ONLINE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATES ACHIEVED IN 24 HOURS” was achieved by SANJOY DAS on 29th March 2023 from Dibrugarh (Assam) India. He achieved 26 management-related certificates from various institutes in 24 hours and has set a new world record for the International Book of Records.”

Apart from the International Book of Records, his name is also registered in the India Book of Records and Assam Book of Records.

Sanjay  is currently working at an IT firm in Bangalore and is a BTech and MBA graduate.

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