Assam: Dibrugarh Ladies Club confers Joymati Award 2023 to Padmashree Hemoprova Chutia

DIBRUGARH, MAR 17: The Dibrugarh Ladies Club conferred Joymati Award 2023 to Padmashree Hemoprova Chutia at Dibrugarh Gymkhana Club on Friday.

The award has been given to woman weaver Hemoprova Chutia, who has exalted her skills to recreate and weave the sacred text in Sanskrit, Assamese and the English language.

The Joymati Award – 2023 with a citation and a cash amount of ₹11000 was presented to her in a function organised at Dibrugarh Gymkhana Club.

This award has been instituted by the Ladies Club of Dibrugarh in 1987 to honour the Women of Assam for the contribution in the field of art and culture, music, sports, cinema, commerce and social work etc.

The motive behind giving this award is to encourage the women of Assam and to recognise their work and talent.

Speaking on the ocassion, Hemoprova Chutia said, “I am happy to received the award conferred to me by Dibrugarh Ladies Club. I am overwhelmed and have no words to express. I got inspiration from the people to do the work for which government has given me the Padmashree award,”

“Its a love for the people of Assam which inspired me to do the work. From 2013, I took the work of weaving and till now, I am engage in this work and want to do more works if people supports me,” she stated.

Chutia said, “I got support from my family and I thanked them them for the support. My work is for the people of Assam which should be preserved. For the preservatin of my work I am constructing a building where all the works would be preserved,”.

She previously wove the Bhagavad Gita a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Mahabharata into silk. The master weaver had completed this task following complete traditional rituals.

Another of her noteworthy works was the weaving of the entire Bhagavad Gita in the English language into a piece of cloth 280 feet in length and 2 feet wide. This project took her more than two years to complete.

Hemoprova Chutia also weaved the Naam Ghosa created in the 16th century into one of her creations. But her most noteworthy creations in the weaving of the complete Gunamala were authored by the Assamese Saint Srimanta Shankardev on a custom piece using cotton and woollen fabrics. The important part is that she is not weaving the Assamese version of the text, but also the translated Hindi and English versions.

Hemoprova Chutia, resident of Moran in Dibrugarh who has also received several honours and recognition for her expertise in weaving such as “Bakul Bon award”, “Aai Kanaklata award”, “The State Handloom and Textile award” as well as the “Assam Gaurav award” by the Government of Assam for her excellence towards weaving.

Talking to media persons, president of Dibrugarh Ladies Club Priti Karwa said, “We are very happy to present the Joymati Award 2023 to Padmashree Hemoprova Chutia, who have brought laurels for Assam and revolutionised the weaving industry of Assam,”.

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