Assam govt issues dress codes for teachers

Guwahati: In a major development, the Assam government has issued dress codes for teachers of all stare-run schools of the state.

For the first time such order has been issued by the state government to restrict the dresses of both male and female teachers of schools.

On May 19, a notification was issued by the secretary to Assam school education for restriction of teachers dress code.

As per the new guidelines, the government has asked both male and female teachers not to wear jeans and leggings in schools.

In the notification, both male and female teachers should be dressed up in clean, modest and decent clothes in sober colours, which should not look flashy.

Casual and party apparel should be strictly avoided, the notification stated.

It has come to the notice of the undersigned that some teachers of educational institutions are found in the habit of wearing the dress of their choice which sometimes does not appear to be acceptable by the public at large.

“Since a teacher is expected to be an example of all sorts of decency especially while discharging their duties, it has become necessary to follow a dress code that should reflect a sense of decorum, decency, professionalism and seriousness of purpose at the workplace,” the notification stated.

Talking to reporters, Assam education minister Ranoj Pegu said, “All our government schools which is having very broader things how the school have to be managed and how the classes are to be conducted and these schools rule book contains one section one point that the teachers should be properly dressed and wear formal. For students we have uniform,”.

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