Assam: Love-Jihad & same sex marriage are intolerable social evils

By Manoj Kumar Ojha

Guwahati: Amid the debate on Love-Jihad after the release of the film ” The Kerala Story “Assam has opposed Love-Jihad and the same sex marriage duo.

The Sociologists here in the northeastern state of the Asian country India state that same sex marriage was never a part of Assam or the rest part of India . The controversial ideology has entered here from the European Unions .

Meanwhile the government has opposed the same sex marriages while the centre had asked the views of all states and union territories after the supreme court received petitions seeking legislation of same sex marriage.

On the other hand, the Center had received responses from seven states on the plea to grant legal recognition to same sex marriages, the centre told the supreme court.

Three states Assam, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh have opposed the plea ,the remaining four Sikkim, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Manipur have sought more time.

“The state’s response was placed on record, “said solicitor general Tushar Mehta who is appearing for the centre. .The five judge constitution bench headed by chief justice of India Dy Chndrachud is also comprises justices SK Kaul ,SR Bhat , Hima Kohli and PS Narasimha.

In its response, BJP ruled Assam government said legal recognition of marriages between same sex and LGBTQIA + couples invites new interpretations and challenges the validity of laws concerning marriage and personal laws in the state which has diverse cultures, creed , customs and religions.

It said , “while the matter call for wide-ranging discussions on the various aspects of the institution of marriage as social phenomenon even across cross sections of societies, the legal understanding of marriage has been that of an agreement contract between two persons of opposite genders.

The state also said that the legislation is the prerogative of the legislature, both at the Center and in the states and added that “Courts may like to view the matter in accordance with the core principles of our democratic structure. ” It pointed out that marriage, divorce and ancillary subjects fall under entry 5 of the concurrent list of the Constitution.

Accordingly the Assam government said it would like to oppose the views in the matter was laid out by the petitioners before supreme court.

However same sex marriage was never in practice in Assam.

“It is an stupid idea. A cause of destruction of our social structure it will be , if law is enacted for the same sex marriage, “said Manohar Das, 90 of Assam’s Sadia village.

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