Assam: Major boat accident averted after 32 passengers carrying ferry capsized in Dibang River

Tinsukia: A major boat accident was averted on Wednesday after a ferry carrying 32 passengers capsized in the Dibang River near Amarpur Ghat in eastern Assam Tinsukia but somehow they were rescued.

The boat was reportedly en route Chapakhowa area from Amarpur when it hit an underwater wooden structure and started to sink.

According to sources, the people on the river bank saw the sinking boat and immediately jumped into the water to rescue the passengers.

It was not the first instance, many a times similar incident occurred in the Ghat.

A four-wheeler vehicle and two bikes were also submerged in the accident.

Assam Urban Development Minister Ashok Singhal expressed his distress over the incident.

Tinsukia Deputy Commissioner Swapneel Paul said, “Everybody was rescued and all were safe. Nothing has been happened to them. We have initiated an inquiry into the incident,”.

 “It has become common because the ferry services are overloaded. Most of the times you will find vehicles and many more things are carried in the ferry. The department should take necessary steps and stop this nuisance,” said a passenger.

On June 3, 2023, more than 50 people survived a terrible boat accident in Buridihing River in Tinsukia district .

According to reports, the boat strayed away about 2 km on the banks of Buridihing river due to failure of the boat’s engine as Jagun ghat doesn’t have a permanent bridge and residents of this area have to cross Buridihing river by boats.

The passengers were later rescued after they caught on the Shore of Buridihing River. 

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