Assam: Oldest elephant in India ‘Bijuli Prasad’ dies in Bihali tea estate

Guwahati: In a tragic incident, ‘Bijuli Prasad’ which is oldest elephant in India died on Sunday night at Bihali tea estate in Assam’s Sonitpur district.

According to reports, Bijuli Prasad had been ill for a long time due to his old age. Bijuli Prasad was aged 89 during his death.

Sources said elephant, which carried the witness of British colonialism, was in the Bihali tea estate of Assam.

Bijuli Prasad was once the royal guest of the British. Also the elephant was bought by the Williamson Megar Tea Company about 82 years ago.

The British named the elephant Bijuli Prasad. Bijuli Prasad, who became a member of the Williamson Megar Company family, once became a symbol of the company’s nobility.

The post-mortem has already been conducted and burial has been arranged in the garden.

Bijuli Prasad’s death is mourned by nature lovers.

“This elephant is the oldest domestic elephant in India.The elephant is the symbol of the Williamson Megar Company. The oldest elephant in India was in Kaziranga and the second in Mahisur.Unfortunately, after the death of these two elephants, Bijuli became the oldest domestic elephant in India,” said Dipak Sarma, a local journalist.

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