Assam: PM Narendra Modi addresses Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan for World Peace

GUWAHATI, FEB 3:  The Prime Minister  Narendra Modi addressed the ‘Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan’ for World Peace, being held at Krishnaguru Sevashram at Barpeta, Assam via video conferencing on Friday.

 Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan for World Peace is a month-long kirtan being held from 6th January at Krishnaguru Sevashram.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan has been going on for a month. He underlined that the traditions of knowledge, service and humanity in ancient India which were propagated by Krishna Guru ji are in perpetual motion even today.

The Prime Minister observed that the divinity of the contributions of Guru Krishna Premanand Prabhu Ji and the efforts of his disciples are clearly visible on this magnificent occasion.

Expressing his desire to join the august gathering in person today as well as on previous occasions, the Prime Minister sought the blessings of Krishna Guru so he gets the opportunity to visit the sevashram in the near future.

 Referring to the tradition of Akhand Eknaam Jap every twelve years by Krishnaguru ji, the Prime Minister noted the Indian tradition of organizing spiritual events with duty as the key thought.

“These events rekindle a sense of duty in the individual and society. People used to gather to discuss and analyze the happenings of the last twelve years, evaluate the present and create a blueprint for the future”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister gave examples of Kumbh, Pushkaram Celebration in the Brahmaputra River, Mahamaham at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, Mahamastakabhisheka of Bhagwan Bahubali, blooming of Neelakurinji flower as key events that take place once in twelve years. Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan is laying down a similarly powerful tradition and making the world familiar with the heritage and spiritual consciousness of the Northeast, he added. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal said, “The path set by Krishnaguru Mahaprabhhu is path of enduring peace. With the feeling of devotion and dedication, we can join the journey to remove the darkness and build a progressive society. We are privileged to have the honour that the most dynamic Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi joined us today as we all joined hands to pray for world peace at the Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan. I express my sincere gratitude that the honourable Prime Minister Modi ji joined us in this beautiful moment of spirituality as we continue our journey towards a better India, a progressive society and a peaceful world.”

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