India is Poised to Become the Next Design Hub

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 20: Surat was home to some of the best entrepreneurial minds from 14th-16th June and this was an arousing statement for designers all across the country. The 21by72 conference hosted by Ivy Growth Associates was graced by the who’s who of the business world. Anupam Mittal, Raj Shamani, and SandCup Design Studio’s Pramod Sinha were out there to make a difference.  

SandCup Studio’s presence at 21by72 highlighted the crucial role of digital design in empowering businesses. SandCup Design has always been a studio with a clear vision, an organization with its eyes set on gold.  

“We are very certain that India will become a global design hub,” said Pramod, CEO and Co-Founder at SandCup Studio. “The conference is a healthy way of nurturing and adding value to the startup ecosystem by enabling them to voice their mission.” 

Design Achievements with Measurable Results 

SandCup Studio has always been driven to create a difference in the world. They have worked in some of the most complex and giant industries. From Oil and Gas to Banking, from Aviation to Supply Chain, they have allowed businesses to thrive with design thinking and strategy. With more than 100+ partners across different verticals, they have masterfully crafted and deployed 300+ solutions that have disrupted the perception of the power of design.  

With their abilities reaching far and wide they have taken on some of the most complex challenges of the industry and navigated them successfully with:  

Growth and Innovation Strategy: Identifying opportunities for your businesses and harnessing the full potential of the same with forward-looking strategies.  

Opportunity Creation: Tapping into markets with unrealized potential with accurate prediction of user behavior and market trends.  

CX for Tomorrow: Experiential design thinking and a deep understanding of psychology to gauge and measure customer and employee experiences for the future  

The Reception  

The new connections forged at the conference have been raving about the promise of SandCup and their passion for the craft. “They were so passionate and had so much of firm belief in their work that I had to partner with them”, said an entrepreneur who partnered up with them. The traveling tribe of SandCup returned with a wealth of experience after meeting some of the industry’s biggest names and learning a lot about leadership and resilience. Exposure like these will keep them going forward with an amped-up motivation.  


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