Meghalaya polls: Mukul Sangma says TMC will perform better in the upcoming assembly elections

GUWAHATI, FEB 24: Meghalaya TMC chief Mukul Sangma said he is hopeful that his party will do a perform better in the upcoming assembly polls and form the government after March 2.

Talking to reporters, Mukul Sangma said, “You can feel the pulse here. In the spirit of true democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. So that’s spirit is prevailing and this spirit must reinforced for the purpose of sustaining the democracy and that’s what we have done,”.

“We are getting the love and affection of the people, the trust and faith of the people across the state. Today you see all my people who are outsider here? They all are part and parcel of the people who create this the whole demography. The Garo, the Khasi, the Jaintia and other tribes coexisting including non tribal living here. The kind of narrative using against the TMC is not at all except from this civilized state,” former Meghalaya chief minister said.

He further said, “I used to tell people that BJP’s narrative is camouflage by so called ‘rhetoric’ of development. If BJP is concerned about the people of the state and development why had they not acted when the alleged corruption and irregularities brought to their notice. Are they trying to used the other parties as their pond. Is it the strategy BJP adopting with other parties who are in the present dispensation including NPP,”.

“The issues which are plaguing in the society. They don’t want to talk much about them. They only talked about development. Why they are not talking about various allegation which are surfaced in Assam recently. The ruling BJP in Assam are targeting the various religious groups of Assam, why they are not taking about such issues,” Sangma asked.

Mukul Sangma, who was a former chief minister of Meghalaya will contesting from TMC in the upcoming Meghalaya polls. He has been campaigning hard and aggressively against the ruling NPP and BJP who are the major contender in this election.

Mukul Sangma last year left Congress and joined TMC after he had a fight with the top brass of Congress in New Delhi.

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