Nitya Ensafe organized an awareness event on modern technology for wastewater recycling and its benefits

The main objective of the event was to promote environmental protection through modern technology-based methods for recycling water from STPs: Eishaan Shah, Director, Nitya Ensafe

The event was organised on Friday and featured a panel discussion, along with case studies, networking opportunities, and a Q&A session

Daman (India), June 5: Surat-based Nitya Ensafe, a leading provider of wastewater recycling and other environmental services, organised a knowledge-sharing event on the use and benefits of modern technology-based methods for recycling sewage water, in Daman on Friday. A large number of architects, engineers, environmentalists, builders and real estate developers, industrial associations, and industry executives participated in the event.

Titled “From Waste to Worth: Exploring the Potential of Sewage Water Recycling” organozed by Nitya ensafe aims to promote environmental protection through the use of new modern technology for recycling water from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). The event featured a panel discussion, along with case studies, networking opportunities, and a question and answer session.

Nitya Ensafe’s Director and water expert Eishaan Shah said the initiative was undertaken by the Practicing Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and Valuers Association (PAEIVA).

“Recycling water is critical to conserve the environment. With new technologies and methods, wastewater can be easily and economically recycled. The recycled water can be used in gardening, agriculture, cooling tower, Flushing and other general uses. Recycling water also has other benefits like reduced dependence on ground or surface water sources,” Mr Eishaan Shah said.

Some of the eminent experts who participated in the panel discussion include Eishaan Shah, water expert and Director, Nitya Ensafe Hareshbhai Tangal, Vice President of Daman Hotel Association, Tushar Patel, Architect and Sustainability Consultant at Akriti Designers, RK Shukla, Managing Director of Alkush Industries, and Dharmesh Maken, Director of Parvati Construction. Chirag Patel, Partner at Stratefix Consulting served as the moderator.

During the panel discussion, the experts shared their insights into the process of water recycling and the advances made in recycling technology, innovative solutions to overcome water scarcity, water management, and water conservation. They noted that with water scarcity becoming a serious concern, recycling and reusing water has become a necessity in today’s world.

Mr. Eshaan Shah, Director, Nitya Ensafe further said that industrial water recycling, sewage and wastewater treatment, as well as zero liquid discharge solutions, enable industrial establishments to save millions of litres of precious water. He said that water recycling can also reduce and prevent pollution. He explained that wastewater treatment plants are designed using a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes to release treated water to the environment or further reuse it.

The event was organised by Nitya Ensafe and Stratefix Consulting was the knowledge partner. The Vapi Industrial Association, Daman Industrial Association, PAEIVA (Valsad, Vapi, Umargam, Silvassa and Daman), and Dana Hotel Association contributed to making the event a success.

The event organisers expressed their gratitude to all participants for their active participation in this thought-provoking event to contribute to the ongoing pursuit of environmentally friendly local water management practices.


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