Over 1500 WhatsApp users in India report issues with online status, privacy settings

Millions of users in India and round the world on Friday evening reported glitches with WhatsApp, some features like the privacy settings as well as the ‘last seen online’ status was not working. 

According to Down Detector, an outage monitor portal, there was a 66 per cent spike in reports of WhatsApp being down, while atleast 28 per cent reported connection issues.

At least 2,440 people in the UK had reported issues, 1,556 in India, 1,039 in France, 765 in the US, 277 in South Africa, 168 in Turkey, 157 in Canada, and 41 in Australia faced problems, as per Down Detector.

Most of the users who reported problems in WhatsApp were from Europe, while those in South Asia and South America also faced issues. Both Android and iOS WhatsApp users reported the issue on Twitter.

Though, neither Facebook nor WhatsApp has commented on the outage yet.

Similarly on June 16, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram had reportedly suffered outages in various parts of the world, while Instagram users could not post direct messages.

On April 2, users in North and South America and Europe were unable to acces Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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