Assam: 3 wildlife poachers held in Tinsukia with handmade rifles

GUWAHATI, JAN 12:  JAN 12: In a crackdown against wildlife poachers,  the Tinsukia police on Wednesday evening  arrested three persons involved in poaching of wild animals from Pengeri area of Tinsukia district in the Assam-Arunachal border.

The arrested poachers were identified as Anil Koya, Jugnu Orang and Turku Munda.

According to police, several animal parts as well as firearms used for poaching activities were also seized during the operation.

The operation was conducted by the deputy superintendent of police (probationary) of Tinsukia and Officer-in-charge of Pengeri police station.

During the operation, four handmade rifles, wild animal skin and three antlers head were recovered by the police.

Sources said a gang of wildlife poachers are active in Lakhipathar reserve forest.

“Smuggling of vuluable trees from forest, poaching of animals has been a common affair in upper Assam forest. Most of the times, the wildlife smugglers enter in the forest to cut down trees. A strong mechanism will be needed to curb such wild life crimes” said a source.

Wildlife poaching has been going on unbatted in the forest of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

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