Assam CM says Tipam in Naharkatia holds significant socio-cultural and historical spot in state

Guwahati, Jan 31: Assam chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday said Tipam in Naharkatia holds a significant socio-cultural and historical spot in the state.

Sarma said this while attending a programme at Tipam, Naharkatia in Dibrugarh district on the occasion of Me-Dam-Me-Phi.

Speaking at the programme, Sarma said, “Tipam records historical importance in socio-cultural and economy of Assam,”.

Sarma said the contribution of the Ahom King and the establishment of the Ahom Kingdom, ‘Bor Axom’ (Greater Assam), in which Tipam holds an important position as a historical site.

“Tipam act as a place of great significance as it was the first settlement area of Ahom in Assam upon their arrival in 1228 AD. When the Ahoms, led by Chaolung Sukapha, the first Ahom King, arrived in Assam, it was a small group that completed an arduous journey lasting many years. They descended after crossing the near-impregnable Patkai Hills via Pangsau pass down in this area in and around the Tipam Hills. The Maidams situated here are witness to the great past of the Ahoms who helped shaped the socio-cultural factor in the state”.

CM Sarma said that he is feeling spiritually uplifted after offering the prayers and that Swargadeo Chaolung Sukapha entered Assam through Tipam and today Assam is observing this programme centrally and he is feeling exuberant to be a part of this gracious occasion.

He further added that this spiritual occasion will definitely increase the brotherhood, friendship among the people irrespective of caste,creed etc.

“We all should try to make Assam powerful just like Swargadeo Sukapha did by strengthening the roots of Assam which finally turned out to be a powerful kingdom. We also should try to imbibe the qualities of courage and valor in our minds and try to move forward in the instances that he has set for us to turn Assam into a powerful state,” Sarma asserted.

Sarma said, “Me-Dam-Me-Phi is one of the most important festivals, observed by the Ahoms from very ancient times, which not only reflects the manners and customs of the Ahoms but also helps to create unity, feeling of brotherhood and mutualunderstanding among the new generation,” he added.

Assam is observing the religious festival of the Ahom community, Me-Dam-Me-Phi today on January 31. People especially from the Ahom community will be offering tributes to their ancestors as part of the celebrations.

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