State floriculture mission to come up in Assam

GUWAHATI: JAN 31: Chief minister Himanta Bisawa Sarma on Monday said a state floriculture mission will be come up in Assam to harness the vast flower market of the state.

Speaking to reporters, CM Sarma said, “20,000 farmers of the state will be benefitted through this mission. Rs 150 crore will be spent in the first phase of the mission. Their is a huge demand for flowers in the state. Now flowers are comimg from Kolkata and Thailand. For Puja and rituals flowers are important,”.

Meanwhile, everyday Assam has been procuring flowers from other states as the state didn’t cultivate flowers.

“Everyday, huge amount of flowers are coming to the state which have huge demand in the market. The costing is higher due to the procurement from other states,” said a owner of a flower shop.

The opportunities for flower cultivation are increasing due to several uses of flower in an aesthetic sense, urbinization, and substantially increased purchasing power of people.

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