Assam:  Emergency Landing Facility work on four-lane highway commence in Dibrugarh

GUWAHATI:  In a  big boost to infrastructure deveopment, work on the Emergency Landing Facility (ELF) for fighter jets and aircrafts commenced on the under construction NH-37 four-lane highway began at Moran in Assam’s  Dibrugarh district from Friday.

The emergency landing facility is being constructed on a 3.5-km stretch of the four-lane highway.

 If war like emergency situation arise, then the Emergency Landing Facility in Dibrugarh  (EFL) will play a crucial role to neturalise the enemy.

This development has been counted as a important steps from the Defense perspective.

Moran legislator Chakradhar Gogoi and Dibrugarh deputy commissioner Biswajit Pegu initiated the commencement of work in a small ceremony held at the site which is located 40-km away from Dibrugarh town in Khatkhati area of Moran.

An NHIDCL official said that fighter jets and aircrafts like Sukhois, Tejas, Hercules, AN-32  among others will be able to use the airstrip during emergencies. In case of an emergency the highway stretches will be blocked and put to use for exclusive landing of aircraft.

The NHIDCL official said that the emergency landing facility can be used for strategic purposes as well as for rescue and relief operations during natural calamities.

“The emergency landing facility will play a crucial role during if an emergency situation arise. An ATC (Air Traffic Control) tower will also be constructed at the site. The strip will not be used for regular landing. If there is an war-like situation or any emergency the facility will be used,” said. Dibrugarh deputy commissioner Biswajit Pegu.

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