Assam: Rarest of surgery successfully performed by Dibrugarh doctors

Guwahati: The team of doctors in a private hospital of Assam’s Dibrugarh have performed a sucessful rarest of surgery and of its kind reported in the world as yet.

According to hospital management, three number foetuses (babies) has been removed from the abdomen of a 10-months male baby.

As stated by the medical team which conducted the surgery in Apeksha Hospitals today, in medical terms it is said as ‘Foetus in Foeto”.

“Three  numbers of separate foetuses taken out from a single sac from the abdomen of a 10 months old baby boy who presented with large abdomen at Apeksha hospital. It was a challenge   in terms of diagnosis and critical nature of surgery which was successfully achieved under leadership of pediatric surgeon Dr Hemanta Kr Dutta, Paediatrician Dr Arpita Gogoi Buragohain, Radiologist Dr Lakhi Pd MIli and team of anesthesiologists and intensivist Dr Abhinav Poddar and Dr Megha PV,” stated a press release issued by hospital.

“After three hours  of intensive surgery the baby has recovered well. It added feather to team Apeksha hospital adding name of Dibrugarh town  and Assam in national and international forum. Total number of foetuses are three on dissection which has not yet reported anywhere in the World,” said Dr Ashok Agarwal, renowned Gynecologist of Dibrugarh,  & one of the Director of Apeksha Hospitals.

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