Assam: Woman missing from Nagaon apprehended in Pakistan

GUWAHATI, JAN 5: In a mysterious incident, an Assam girl who went missing has been apprehended and kept in Pakistan jail.

The girl’s mother is now seeking justice and has petitioned the Delhi High Court.

After the death of her husband Mohammad Mohsin Khan, his widow Wahida Begum, sold property worth Rs. 1 crore 60 lakhs . The woman went missing from Nagaon on November 10, prompting her mother to file an FIR with the Nagaon police station.

According to reports, on November 30, the woman’s mother Aarifa Khatun received a phone call from an unknown number in Pakistan and informed that Wahida Begum was arrested in Pakistan on November 25.

A Pakistani lawyer has also sent a legal notice through WhatsApp to Aarifa Khatun’s number. The lawyer said that a copy of the notice has also been sent to Indian Embassy in Pakistan.

Aarifa Khatun didn’t receive any help from Assam Police and therefore, she sought help from Pakistan Embassy in India through lawyer Santosh Suman but she didn’t get any help from the Embassy and decided to move to Delhi High Court.

The hearing of the case will now take place on Friday.



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