Shah sounds BJP’s poll bugle in Tripura, confident of forming govt for second time

GUWAHATI, JAN 5:  Union home minister Amit Shah on Thursday said BJP will formed the government for the second time in Tripura.

While participating at Jan Vishwas Yatra in North Tripura on Thursday, Amit Shah said the BJP has given good governance in Tripura in last five years and again for the second consecutive time, BJP will formed government.

“The huge turnout at the rally reflected peoples’ ‘vishwas’ or faith on BJP and showed how the party would return to power with thumping two-third majority in the assembly polls this year. In last five year the, BJP has worked for the welfare of the people,” Shah said.

Taking a dig at opposition Congress and Communist parties, Shah said both Congress and Communists have got finished.

He said Modiji laid foundation for prosperous across the country while Congress and Communists kept the Tripura behind.

“People don’t want Congress and communists anymore. Congress has become finished in the country and Communists have ended in the world. BJP is going to make government with 2/3rd majority in the state once again,” Shah asserted.

Amit Shah said, This Ratha Yatra will cross 1000 km and instill vishwas among people. We are confident that BJP will return to power with two third majority this year,”.

Shah lambasted the previous communist government for bringing administering into cadre raj.

“During communist rule, no development taken place in the Tripura but in the last five year, BJP has laid the foundation for prosperous Tripura,” Shah said.

The Union home minister said, “This government has reached sanitary toilets, gas connections, safe drinking waters, healthcare to tribals, women. Tripura was known for terrorism, infiltration, armed trafficking, corruption, crimes on tribals but now we have ushered in development, connectivity, sports, industrial investment, organic farming and many other sector,”.

Shah said  the name of Jan Vishwas Yatra showed BJP focused on confidence of people based on performance of the government, instead of terming it ‘Sankalp Sabha’ or ‘Vijay Sabha’.

“Under our five year rule in Tripura, the armed insurgency was ended by reaching understanding with outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura. Our main priority is development and our party is committed to work for the development of the society,” Shah asserted.

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