Gujarat: Controversy Surrounds Vadodara MP Ranjanben Bhatt’s Alleged Interference In Hit & Run Case

Ranjanben Bhatt, the elected representative of Vadodara, alleged involvement video goes viral…..

The Member of Parliament (MP) representing Vadodara LS constituency, Ranjanben Bhatt, finds herself embroiled in a storm of controversy after a video surfaced showing her outside the Fatehgunj police station, where she reportedly intervened in a hit-and-run case involving a reckless driver and two injured students. The incident has sparked outrage among residents, casting doubts on the MP’s actions and raising concerns about justice and accountability.

Ranjanben Bhatt, the elected representative of Vadodara, Gujarat, is facing fierce backlash following her alleged involvement in a hit-and-run case that left two students of Baroda Medical College severely injured. The incident, which occurred near Nizampura, has ignited fury among locals as Bhatt’s actions come under scrutiny.

Details of the case

Pushkar Valand and Naimik Bamania, students residing in the Samras hostel of Baroda Medical College, were the unfortunate victims of a speeding car driven by 20-year-old Kush Patel. The impact of the collision resulted in the students sustaining head injuries and fractured legs, sending shockwaves through the community. Despite the severity of the situation, Patel fled the scene but was apprehended by bystanders on Rajmahal Road, approximately 4 kilometers away.

What has sparked public outcry is MP Ranjanben Bhatt’s purported involvement in the aftermath of the incident. Instead of immediately addressing the concerns of the victims and their families, Bhatt chose to visit the Fatehgunj police station, where Patel was detained. Reports suggest that Bhatt, who is allegedly close to Patel’s family, ensured his release within two hours of his arrest, leaving many questioning her motives and integrity.

The role of a public official in facilitating the release of an accused in such a grave matter has raised serious questions about justice and fairness in the eyes of the law. Critics argue that Bhatt’s actions undermine the trust of the people in their elected representatives and raise doubts about their commitment to upholding the rule of law.

MP Ranjanben Bhatt’s defence

Sources reveal that the Fatehgunj police have registered a case against Kush Patel under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Motor Vehicle Act, indicating the severity of the offense. However, Bhatt’s intervention seemingly expedited Patel’s release on bail, sparking further outrage among the public.

In response to mounting criticism, MP Ranjanben Bhatt defended her actions, stating that she was made aware of the accident upon her return from Delhi. She claimed that neither the injured students nor their family members lodged a formal complaint, suggesting a willingness to reconcile between the parties involved. However, her explanation has done little to quell the anger and frustration of the community, who demand accountability and justice for the victims.

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