Nagaland: NNPG says BJP state BJP president is plying with fire

GUWAHATI, JAN 7:  The Working Committee (WC) of Naga National Political Groups came down heavily on Nagaland BJP chief Temjen Imna Along for hampering the progress of Naga political talks.

The WC is an umbrella organisation of seven rebel outfits which has declared peace with the centre.

“The BJP government at the Centre was trying its best to find out a permanent peace in Nagaland through a political settlement but the Nagaland BJP leadership was ‘playing with fire,” WC stated.

The group stated that on November 9, they have written a letter to Nagaland BJP chief for an appointment to discuss the “crucial matters” but he has not responded to them.

“Along  ‘a man devoid of any principle, an opportunist and morally bankrupt’. He is responsible for misleading the Naga people and betraying BJP leadership in New Delhi,” the WC said in a statement.

It further stated,”WC, NNPGs will not allow such a man to represent the Nagas either at Kohima or in Delhi,”.

“Mr Temjen Imna Along has fiddled with Naga political issue and played every dirty trick in the book to thwart the progress of Indo-Naga talks. The treacherous habit of state BJP leadership has deeply eroded the Naga people’s confidence,” the statement further read.

The statement further said, “If election is enforced in Nagaland against the people’s demand for honorable and acceptable negotiated political settlement, men like Mr Temjen Imna Along as per their trivial activities will most certainly ensure a wipeout of BJP from Nagaland,”.

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