Nagaland: NPAC seeks early Naga political solution before election

GUWAHATI, JAN 6: The Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) on Friday staged a protest in Dimapur demanding an early Naga political solution amid Union home minister Amit Shah’s visit in the state.

The protesters holding banners and posters took out a protest rally at the airport road in Dimapur following Union home minster Amit Shah’s visit to Nagaland.

Amit Shahji you have the power to deliver a solution,” reads a banner.

In a letter addressed to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the action committee welcomed the union minister to the land of the tribals, Nagaland.

“The political negotiations between the Government of India and the two Naga negotiating groups, namely, NSCN-IM and Working Committee, 7NNPGs have now reached their 26th year.
The elongated negotiations have had an immense toll on the life and economy of the people of Nagaland specifically, stated the letter.

The letter further added, “We have lost our faith in the democratic process and therefore strongly demand Political Solution before the election. We assure you as the primary stakeholders that we will give our utmost cooperation towards the implementation of the solution. We further urge the Government of India to take the decision as to whether the negotiations are brought to its logical conclusion in a solution or call it a fiasco as the indecision does not benefit any party,”.

On the other hand, the NPAC also claimed that although there has been a series of talks between the state and the Government of India but no fruitful outcomes have come out.

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